If you need entertainment that is unique, fun and absolutely unforgettable, don't settle for that same old song and dance! Use your head - and let your guests use theirs! Give them something to think about - the rare gift of laughter and amazement, wit and wonder, for an occasion they'll be talking about long after the lights are out and the party's over!

For info & availability, email dickstaub@aol.com or call 615-943-6149.

Magic of the Mind delights audiences with fast-paced demonstrations of the untapped powers of the human mind!

Richard Staub, captures the attention of audiences using the exciting elements of mind reading and entertainment. You will gasp as he reads minds, demonstrates outstanding rapid calculations and influences decisions.

Richard’s entertainment makes people feel better. They relax, laugh and get their “minds” off their problems. Richard’s performance is clean, fast-paced and humorous.

When performing Magic of the Mind, also known as sleight of mind, Richard appears to read minds, predict the future and influence people’s choices. It is NOT your typical magic show! The audience is the star of the show.

Richard’s goal is to amaze people--not to challenge or offend people. Richard may make fun of himself but never those he invites to assist him in his performances.